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Canon 60D with Sigma Lens
"Bought Canon 60D with Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 with total ease. Mr Tony will always try his very best to answer emails promptly. Items receive in totally brand new, wrapped up condition. Go ahead and buy from TechnoGadget, you will not regret buying. Plus, this is the cheapest place where you can find in Singapore. I went to their office to collect and they have a nice couch with table for me to take my own sweet time and examine my 60D and Sigma Lens. Bravo TechnoGadget, keep it up!"
By Jonathan
"Hi Tony & team, thank you for being the Best of the Best in customer sales & service! I am very happy with my purchase! You are reliable and have the highest integrity! I have started recommending you to my friends and colleagues who are also into photography!. keep up the good work and two thumbs up for you and your team! -regards ryujip"
By ryujip
Good Service
"Originally skeptical of ordering online as item costs serveral hunderds dollars. Then the reviews from forums and testimonials gave me confident. Before ordering, made some queries and was responded within few hours by Tony. Totaly amazed by the speed. Finally order a Nikkor AF-S VR 70-300 f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED on the 26 Dec 12. Probably due to the festive season, it arrived at my door step on 4 Jan 13. It's fine with me as it was not urgent. Very customer oriented as I requested for evening delivery, and they committed to the time agreed. Will definitely return to Techno Gadgets if price is cheaper, though not always. One comment, if the item takes more than 5 days for delivery, would be good if can provide a time line."
By Tien
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Grey Market
  1. What is Grey Market?

    "Grey Market," also known as "direct imports" are products imported directly into one country (i.e., Singapore) and not through the manufacturer's authorized agent/distributor.

  2. What are the advantages of products in the grey market?

    There is no factory-authorized middleman involved in the import of these products, so the costs are lower. As a result, the customer pays less for exactly the same item available from local retailers. In addition, many items that are in short supply or are not imported at all by the manufacturer's authorized distributors, are available in the "Grey Market."

  3. Are there any disadvantages of grey market items?

    Because there is no factory-authorized middleman, there is no manufacturer's warranty and thus we don't issue the manufacturer's warranty card. However, "Grey Market" products purchased from us are warrantied by Techno Gadgets (Singapore) and are reimbursed for the cost of repairs, subject to our warranty conditions.

  4. Are there product differences in grey market items?

    There is NO difference in the actual products. They are manufactured in the same factory location by the same people and with the same materials. In fact, conversely, items purchased in Singapore by a foreigner may be considered as "grey market" goods in their home country since in most cases they are not covered by their local warranty.

  5. What type of warranty does Techno Gadgets (Singapore) offer on Grey Market goods?

    We believe that shopping online should offer the same peace of mind as buying from a street store. Therefore, we work hard to provide a comparable service to protect you and your purchases, while keeping the benefits of shopping online.

    At Techno Gadgets, all website purchases (except camera accessories and consumables such as batteries, etc.) comes with a 12-month Locally Serviced Warranty which allows you to repair your camera/lens at an Authorized Service Center (e.g. Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.) provided that the fault is due to manufacture defect (Normal wear and tear or accidental damage are excluded).  Once all requisite documentation is provided to us, we will fully reimburse you. 

    On products purchased from Techno Gadgets, we offer the same warranty as local warrantied products carry, for a period of one year.  The only difference is that you will pay the repairs first and claim for reimbursement from us.

  6. Do I need a warranty certificate for repairs?

    No, you can proceed with the product repair at any Authorized Service Center and pay for the cost of repairs.  You will use your Techno Gadgets invoice, proof of purchase (i.e, service receipt)  and bring along the product to our business location to claim for reimbursement, subject to our warranty terms and conditions.

  7. What happens after the warranty expires?

    Just like products with an expired manufacturers' warranty, you can take the product to any convenient repair shop and pay for the repair.